Asokay WordPress theme updates

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The Asokay theme for WordPress is currently in the review queue for the official WordPress theme directory. In order to match the requirements for the directory, the theme has got some minor updates. And more updates are planned for future versions, once the theme is approved. By publishing the theme in the theme directory, users of the theme will be able to update it easily through the administration area of their websites, as update notifications will be available through the WordPress update system.

WordPress is making changes to the officiel plugin directory to hide plugins that have not been updated in two years hidden from searches. If the same policy would be applied for themes, the older versions of my themes will be affected. Reworked versions with solid support for the latest WordPress features are in the works, and I am still looking for theme developers who would want to work on new versions of themes based on my free website templates. If you are a theme designer or developer and would want to help out, or even publish your own themes through, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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