andreas05: two alternate versions

The minimalistic andreas05 template has got two alternate versions added. One version called andreas05-clean which is even more minimalistic than the original (.zip download size: 2.13 kilobytes!) and another version called andreas05-alt which is more colorful than the original thanks to a full-size background image.

Template gallery design refreshed

The template gallery page has got a new look with larger screenshots in two columns, less text and direct links to live demos of each template. The page is currently using smaller versions of the default style screenshots for each template in .png format, which is not optimal as the image height is different for…

Read in your language

I have added a box in the sidebar that makes it possible to translate into many different languages using Google Translate. While it is a machine translation and thus not perfect, the translations are good enough to make it possible to read and understand the majority of the content on this site. For those…

New template: Variant Trio

Inspired by the positive feedback that the Variant Duo template has got, I decided that my next template would have a similar appearance but offer more options. I took some of the features of Variant Duo and added a lot of things that could be useful for those who want to customize the design and…

Variant Mini in three new colors

The Variant Mini template is now available with four different colorschemes. Beside the original version which has blue background images, you can now download alternate versions here. Click the screenshot below to go to the Variant Mini page to see larger screenshots on the Variant Mini template page.