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How to keep the CSS code clean

When I work with HTML, CSS, PHP or any other code or scripting language, I always try to keep the code in order to make sure it will remain easy to get into for future updates. Well-structured code makes it easier to spot errors, and also easier to get an idea of what the design…

Try the new TemplateBuilder tool!

Today I am launching a new feature on andreasviklund.com, an online tool for building (and within a near future, publishing) complete websites out of the templates found here. It is called the TemplateBuilder, and it is free to use. It can be considered a beta launch since some features are not yet in place. But…

Exploring Dreamweaver CS5

After posting the Building your first website using a free website template tutorial, where I used the Notepad++ code editor to turn the Variant Duo template into a three-page website, I got several questions and requests about how the same process would work if I would use a visual editor instead of a code editor….