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Variant Light

Variant Light is a 3-column template in the same style as Variant Dark – but with an inverted colorscheme and a more up-to-date layout. It has two navigation menu options (horizontal header menu and/or vertical sidebar menu) and space for a header image or a featured content area. The template does not use any images…

Variant Dark

Variant Dark is a 3-column template with multiple navigation menu options and, as the name implies, a light-on-dark colorscheme. The design is inspired by the kind of dark designs that were popular in the late 1990’s, back in the days when table-based layouts were the norm. But as with all free templates on, the…

Variant Artist

Inspired by the different band sites I built during my time as a music producer and stage artist, I have built Variant Artist. It is a light-on-dark design with two or three columns (depending on setting, a four-column layout can easily be created if wanted). A version with inverted colors (dark on light) is also…

Basic Show

Another super-simple dual-column content template with a simple inverted tab menu. The width of the main content area can easily be changed into any value (pixels or percentage), and the rest of the layout will adjust accordingly. An alternate version with a three-column layout (including a sidebar) and a different colorscheme is also available.

Basic Minimal

Minimalistic and simple 2-column layout where the background image can be used to display an image as a third column. Built for simplicity, using valid XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS3. Text-shadows and custom @font-face are included. An alternate version with a different colorscheme and reversed layout is available as a separate download.