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andreas07 in two new colors

The andreas07 template is now available in three versions: original, blue and green. Layout and features are the same in all three versions, with only minor changes to the sample content. To download the two new alternate versions, use the link below: Download andreas07

New template: Variant Pure

A new template has been released: Variant Pure. It includes three different layouts including a version adjusted for mobile devices. For a live demo, screenshots and a longer description, go to the Variant Pure page. To download the new template, click the screenshot below: Screenshot of the Variant Pure template (left: default style, right: alternate…

andreas03 (rust edition)

An alternate version of the andreas03 template has been released, with no layout changes but a new set of colors. Click the screenshot to download andreas03 dressed in orange/brown… (Update: A second version colored in green and with all images removed from the design has been added on request. Click here to download andreas03-noimg.)

andreas05: two alternate versions

The minimalistic andreas05 template has got two alternate versions added. One version called andreas05-clean which is even more minimalistic than the original (.zip download size: 2.13 kilobytes!) and another version called andreas05-alt which is more colorful than the original thanks to a full-size background image.

New template: Variant Trio

Inspired by the positive feedback that the Variant Duo template has got, I decided that my next template would have a similar appearance but offer more options. I took some of the features of Variant Duo and added a lot of things that could be useful for those who want to customize the design and…