How to edit the Variant Multi layout options (part 1)

The latest free website template release, Variant Multi, offers a lot of layout options. But how do the different layouts work? Here is the first part of a short walkthrough of the ideas behind the Variant Multi design… One CSS file, many small tricks As you may have seen from the screenshots or the live…

New template: Variant Multi

A new template has been released, this time a multi-layout design which has been named Variant Multi. It offers a whole lot of different layout options, from simple one- or two-column layouts to magazine-style multi-column layouts. Go take a look on the template page, or download Variant Multi directly here: Download: Variant Multi

Two new alternate versions released

The Daleri Single and Basic Modular template pages have both new additions in the form of an alternate version of each of the two templates. Basic Modular is now available in wider format with a traditional “2-column with sidebar” layout that makes the template look more useful to those who are just looking for a…

Exploring Dreamweaver CS5

After posting the Building your first website using a free website template tutorial, where I used the Notepad++ code editor to turn the Variant Duo template into a three-page website, I got several questions and requests about how the same process would work if I would use a visual editor instead of a code editor….

Changing body fonts

Changing fonts in the templates can give the design a very different look. For a long time, the selection of fonts to use on websites has been limited to a few standardized “web-safe” fonts. But this is no longer the case, there are ways to include own fonts like @font-family – a topic for a…